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Domain Authority Services Agency – Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA)

Domain Authority Services Agency – Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA)

Domain Authority Services is one of the Leading service of Technology News & Trends . Our Domain Authority Services Agency majorly focuses on growing Domain Authority (DA) of Your Business website. Domain Authority Services is one of our Professional Digital Marketing Services, and It drives quality results as per our norms.

Whether you want to increase Your Website Domain Authority (DA), Technology News &Trends can help you to increase your Domain Authority (DA) with the help of our Domain Authority Services. And we also help you to reach your Website search ranking goals.

Our Domain Authority Services can make more impact with the quality results that matter most when compare to other Digital Marketing agencies. The major Customers or users today are connected to the web 24/7 in the world. India is one of them.

If you want to increase your business website promotion and also increase the search ranking of your website, Domain Authority (DA) plays a key role. Our Domain Authority Services Team will help you to increase your Domain Authority (DA). Our Domain Authority Services plans are perfectly suitable for your budget, we list out some services plans below.

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How the Domain Authority (DA) can impact the ranking of your web site. Then you need to understand the importance of Domain Authority (DA). So, what exactly is Domain Authority (DA)?

1. What Is Domain Authority (DA)? or Domain Authority (DA):

Domain Authority (DA) is the Rogerbot search engine ranking score originated by (Moz). The Moz estimates how the website will ranks on search engine result pages (SERPs). The Domain Authority (DA) Score ranges from 1-100.

High Domain Authority Services (DA Services)

The website has higher Domain Authority (DA) the ability to gets higher rank in Search Results on different search engines. For example, some of the most popular and various types of Search Engines are listed for better understanding they are Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo,,, WolframAlpha, Internet Archive. etc.

2. How Does Moz Calculate Domain Authority (DA) or Calculate Domain Authority (DA) or Domain ranking:

Moz estimate or Measure the Domain Authority (DA) in various Aspects one is linking root domains, and another one is the total number of links of your website. These two aspects can be measure into a single Domain Authority (DA) score.

The Domain Authority (DA) Score can help to compare the site’s capacity or capture the website’s ranking strength.

With the help of the Domain Authority (DA) Score, you can compare the site’s capacity or capture the websites ranking strength.

The Important point is That The Domain Authority (DA) originated by Moz is not the major Factor or metrics used by one of the Popular Search Engine. Google in deciding the Search Ranking, and It has no effect or changes in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

3. Difference Between Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA):

Domain Authority (DA): As mention in previous Domain Authority (DA) measures and calculates the total Website (domain or Subdomains) ranking strength.

Page Authority (PA): Page Authority (PA) measures and calculates the Particular Page or Particular URL of your website. The Page Authority (PA) Score range also starts from one (1) up to 100 (1-100) Gather Score of the Page Authority (PA) of the individual page or URL ranks higher in search results as per Moz and originated by Moz.

4. How To Check Domain Authority (DA) And Page Authority (PA) of your website:

Users can quickly Check Domain Authority (DA) of your website using and select the Moz pro menu option you can get link Explorer.

Premium account users can check everything like DA and PA of your website and more like Spam score Number of linking root domains of your websites, Inbound Links, Ranking Keywords, discovered and lost links, get all data total website metrics and much more.

If the users do not have a premium membership. Moz’s also proving free SEO tools option on the site. With help, you can get Websites Domain Authority (DA) and statics data.

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5. What Is The Good Domain Authority (DA) Score:

The Domain Authority (DA) Score range starts from one to a hundred (1-100). Which website has higher DA that websites get great ranking strength in the search results?

The different practical analysis shows that the Domain Authority (DA) Score from 1-30 can be increased easy then compare to the growth of 60-100

The Domain Authority (DA) (as per Moz’s) measures based on the number of linking root domains (high quality or High Domain Authority Sites) And also measures the total number of links (quality inbound links) of your website.

Generally, the Domain Authority (DA) from in between 40 and 50 can be considered as an Average DA, In between, 50-60 can be considered as a Good DA, and more than 60 DA can be regarded as excellent.

6. How To Increase Domain Authority (DA) And Page Authority (PA) Of Your Website:

If the owners of the website want to increase your domain authority DA and Page Authority (PA), you need to follow the below aspects originated by

a) What Effects Domain Authority (DA):

  • Linking Root Domains (Quality referral links)
  • Inbound links (quality backlinks links or total number of links of the site)
  • Moz Rank
  • Moz Trust

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