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Technology Write For Us (Guest Post), Technology, Business, Marketing, IoT, AI, SEO, Digital, Online, Email Marketing

Technology Write For Us (Guest Post), Technology, Business, Marketing, IoT, AI, SEO, Digital, Online, Email Marketing

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Technology Write For Us (Guest Post), Business, Marketing, IoT, AI, SEO

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Technology News and Trends is a platform where businesses, startups, entrepreneurs and tech-savvy come each day for trending news and updates on technology. At TNT we cover news of major technology categories such as Business, Gadgets, Science & Technology, Gear, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Security, Entertainment, Social Media, and the Internet. We welcome the tech writers of all these categories to contribute as guest authors at TNT.

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  1. More exposure for your business, as we have a huge number of audiences.
  2. Link back to your website for SEO value.
  3. We distribute your contributed content on our social channels, which helps in branding your business.

Technology Write For Us Submission Guidelines:

  1. The article should be written in English and should have a minimum of 800 – 1000 words.
  2. You must provide a copyrighted image of 720 pixels.
  3. Content should be well-researched and please fact-check your story.
  4. We permit 2 links back per article.

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